CocoaCRM ® - a new Customer Relationship Management App for iOS

We offer a solid, but inexpensive mobile CRM solution - designed from the ground up for iOS Devices:

CocoaCRM® is a standalone desktop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) App for macOS. CocoaCRM® for iOS is the iPhone/iPad version of the App which can be used either completely independently, or in combination with it.

Often enough, a "companion" iOS App is a lesser version of a macOS solution. However, with CocoaCRM for iOS, this is not the case. In fact, while it lacks a few features of the macOS version, it introduces many novel features critical for the mobile CRM experience, and even includes a couple of features not yet provided in the macOS version.

We thought real hard about how CRM should work on a mobile device. We designed the iOS version of CocoaCRM around three key principles... that a mobile CRM App must:

  1. allow creating records through as little typing as possible
  2. enable both easily importing and exporting data
  3. deliver powerful conveniences for finding needles in haystacks

Like the macOS version of CocoaCRM, the iOS version was designed for fast, efficient use - both are native Apps, for which there is no web latency. Each can also synchronize data records with the other. And both support quick navigation, data entry and data retrieval - with the iOS version of the App particularly designed for the unique requirements of engaging in CRM tasks from a mobile device.


The iOS version of CocoaCRM supports:

What else? We are proud that CocoaCRM ® contains no user tracking software - we wanted to offer a CRM product that never connects to any server (unless its user chooses to connect it) - that can be used as a completely private solution.

If you are responsible for sales at a small company, and you need a solid, but inexpensive CRM solution - the iOS version of CocoaCRM can work for you, either in combination with the macOS version, or in fact, just on its own.

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