CocoaCRM ® Features - for the macOS Version

Standard Record Types

Supports creating Organization records, Contact records either within Organization records or independent of them, and date stamped Conversation Notes within Contact Records.

Home screenshot

Three Perspectives

Provides an Organization Perspective, a Contacts Perspective and a Notes Perspective - three different ways to views lists of your records. And any filter you apply in one, will be automatically re-applied if you switch perspectives.

filtered Organizations Perspective screenshot filtered Contacts Perspective screenshot filtered Notes Perspective screenshot

Fast Navigation

Supports fast navigation between records and quick data entry. There is no web latency because CocoaCRM ® is a standalone desktop App, and navigation, as much as possible, avoids the mouse - You can get most things done through using Arrow Keys and the keyboard.

Easy Data Entry

Allows filling out text fields manually or via Drag and Drop, and supports Auto-Completion of text field values where appropriate (for city, state, zip code, country, title, department, source, priority, etc.), and setting values for still other fields via Drop-Down controls.

Auto-completion screenshot

Powerful Filtering & Classifying

Supports Sorting and Filtering Records easily and powerfully - and also Classifying records in bulk as desired.

Filter by Date screenshot Classify screenshot

Exceptional Calendar Integration

Allows viewing your Apple Calendar Events, and easily filtering them on the basis of any combination of time, content and calendars - including in terms of their relation to Contacts within our App.

Enables updating or adding new Calendar Events - including by doing so with data pre-populated from any currently selected CocoaCRM Contact record.

Export options screenshot

Robust Import/Export

Supports importing and exporting JSON files as well as CSV. We make no attempt to lock you into the App, as do too many other CRM solutions. We let you get data in and out as you choose, including by importing and exporting structured JSON trees of records, preserving relationships between organizations and contacts, and between contacts and conversation notes.

Export options screenshot

Dropbox ® Integration

Provides integrated support for Importing and Exporting data files to your own Dropbox ® account, such as for remotely backing up data, or sharing data with other people.

Dropbox Integration screenshot

Exchanging Data with Apple's Contacts®

Allows Importing or Exporting contact records to and from Apple's Contacts ® App.

Import from Apple Contacts screenshot Export to Apple Contacts screenshot

Importing LinkedIn ® Contact Information

Supports Importing LinkedIn ® contact information - importing what basic record data LinkedIn® enables exporting for your account contacts.

Ergonomic Preference Options

Supports changing the appearance of the App in terms of both Color Scheme, and Font Scheme. If you prefer light-on-dark or dark-on-light text, we give you multiple color scheme choices. If you want larger fonts for readability, that is also easy to configure.

color scheme and font scheme preferences screenshot

Straightforward Data Customization

Supports customizing field names for many Organization and Contact records. Everyone has different requirements for record fields - we let you change many field names easily.

customization screenshot

Big Picture Reporting

Supports generating pre-defined Reports aggregating data, which you can also export as CSV files for importation into spreadsheets. The App also provides particular data visualizations through a Dashboard Window and a Productivity Window.

dashboad screenshot productivity report screenshot

Convenient Auto-Dialing

Enables Auto-dialing phone numbers thru FaceTime® or other helper applications which can access your iPhone or land line.

auto-dialing screenshot

Intuitive Map Generation

Allows viewing the location of any organization on a map, with nearby organizations identified within a radius you specify, and also points of interest of your choice.

map screenshot

Creating Records from Map Locations

Allows instantly creating new Organization records, from locations identified through Apple Map Services.

create record from map screenshot

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